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Monday, March 14th, 2022 9:52 PM


Forgetting Device in Xfinity App Doesn't Remove Device On Xfinity Gateway

Prior to a few months ago when the latest incarnation of the Xfinity app was released (or on the xFi website, when I used the app to forget a device, that device would then be removed from the gateway. You had disabled the ability directly on the gateway to delete a device, so this was the only method to delete devices on the gateway.

This use to accomplish removing devices on the gateway itself.

With this latest version of the Xfinity app I have now told it to forget 2 devices that I no longer have and in the app they do not appear.

But, when I login to the gateway they are still listed as devices currently not connected.

If we can't remove devices directly on the gateway and the app no longer actually deletes the device on the gateway, how is that done now?

     Also, I noticed that the app allows us to modify the device name,

     but that name only appears in the app (or on the xFi website)

     and the device name on the gateway itself does not get modified

     and will be different (whatever the gateway named it when it originally connected, usually the MAC).

The naming issue is a secondary and less important issue, but shouldn't forgetting a device in the app remove the device on the gateway?

I know that restarting the gateway after forgetting devices does not accomplish this also, tried that several times.

Edit: Thought I would add the gateway info.



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1 year ago

bump, have the same issue

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@user_64b431 Good evening! Thank you for reaching out to our Community Forums Team for assistance with your device connections. I would be happy to assist you with managing your devices this evening. When you select the device you want to have removed from your network, it should remove it; unless it's a registered device. Please double check to make sure it's not listed as a registered device. If it is, please remove it, and then try the "Forget" steps again. Once you do these, the device should be removed. I look forward to hearing how these steps work for you!



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