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Wed, Aug 5, 2020 12:00 PM

Feature Request for Advanced Security.

Currently, when advanced security is enabled on the network, and you go to view threats, it only provides the IP addresses of the request and the time. It would be most beneficial to ALSO include the MAC address of the device or even host name when reviewing the threat list to determine if you want to allow the access for 30 days.  Even better to "always allow" for a particular MAC address.


In my use case, I have a port forward set up on 8123 to allow external access to a Rasberri Pi. However, when not on the network and attempting to access the RPI from my IOS device, since the notifications are not "real time", I don't know which IP is mine to only allow access to, and since I'm making requests on a mobile device, the IP changes depending on location. It would be ideal to be able to view the threat list in the app and confirm my phones MAC address against the list of blocked hosts. 


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