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Tue, Oct 22, 2019 5:00 AM

Data usage

Only in October I called Comcast at least 5 times (for now) and I am still waiting for a call back from a supervisor or a follow up call to solve my issue. In July I received a notification that my internet usage was in the 80%. It ended in 1340 Tb when I never ever used that much in my 5-6years with Xfinity. My average use for two people was between 500-600GB monthly. I called to report that something was completely wrong in my account with those numbers. Xfinity ended washing their hands with the following response “it’s ok, you have 2 courtesy months free, we can apply one and you won’t need to pay anything now.” In my opinion this was completely WRONG from them. It was not fair because I called to report an issue, they had years of history of my account to compare. I explained to them that since my roommate moved out I was expecting my usage to drop but they didn’t listen to me at all. August and September showed a more realistic numbers for one person for an average of 200-300Gb per month. Today the 22nd I am still waiting for a call from them because I am in the same position like July. More than 80% of usage. I’ve been calling since October 9th reporting this ridiculous amount of usage. Only between October 1-9 it reported 500+Gb of usage itself. Ten days later I am in 833Gb of usage. Yesterday I called and spoke with two agents and they told me someone was going to call me with a solution, then a person from the “survey” department called and he said he was going to make sure that a supervisor or from a escalation department calls me but guess what? NOBODY call!!!!! I am super frustrated, super mad with Xfinity. With everything that has been happening I can’t recommend Xfinity to nobody. Has somebody in my situation? Has somebody noticed a change in their data usage when they change of modem from Xfinity? I don’t have new devices, we change passwords, clear cache and cookies, we did everything and still consuming the data like nothing. I am not a gamer, I work from home. Only two things was different since July, my roommate moved out and I went to Xfinity to change my modem to another because “was old”. So has anyone in my position with this dilemma with Comcast? I am super frustrated!!!!

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