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Wed, Jun 3, 2020 9:00 AM

Complimentary XFi Pods that were shipped on April 15 2020 still have not been received as of 6/3/20

Complimentary XFi Pods (given due to poor coverage and continuing tech issues at residence that technician could not resolve)  were shipped on April 15 2020 (Tracking Number: 1Z5468W00310187920) still have not been received as of 6/3/20.  Please have a Xfinity Manager look into this as I cant seem to get anyone on the chat or phone to resolve this.


From: Xfinity My Account
Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 9:31 AM
Subject: Your order is on its way

Your order is on its way My Account

Your xFi Pods have shipped!

You’ll soon enjoy more consistent WiFi coverage
throughout your home.
 rack Your Shipment  
In the meantime, see how you can get ready below.
Shipment details
Tracking Number: 1Z5468W00310187920
Next steps:
Get the Xfinity xFi App
If you haven’t already, download the xFi app on the
App Store or Google Play™ and sign in using your
Xfinity username and password. This is the app
you'll use to activate your Pods.
Consider Pod Placement
Think about where you want to place your Pods.
It’s best to find wall outlets in areas where you
still have a WiFi signal but are close to where
you have dead spots or limited connectivity.
Activate your Pods
Once you receive your Pods, open the xFi app,
tap More, Xfinity Device, then xFi Pods, and follow
the on-screen instructions to activate. You’re now
ready to enjoy improved WiFi coverage throughout
your home!
Pay Your Bill         Store Locator         Apps        My Account
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upgrades or new benefits.
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Comcast Cable, One Comcast Center
1701 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Attn: Email Communications


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1 y ago

Its been 15 days and still no reply from Comcasty/Xfinity Representative on this board to address this

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