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Sat, Feb 1, 2020 1:00 PM


Xfinity really needs to fix there stuff. Trying to setup a new xfinity modem through the Xfi app and has you take a picture of the QR code to activate it and it doesn't work, saying I need to call. So I try to enter it manually still the same message, you call the number and they just send you a text message to download the same app that isnt working and you can never get a hold of an agent. Very frustrating, been a customer of xfinity for 6 years and have always had issues i have had to stay with them due to contracts or the only reliable provider. When there stuff works its no problem but trying to get things fixed is so frustrating like trying to pull teeth from a company I give my money to. I spend a full day and migraine trying to get their stuff to work.


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