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Sun, Nov 24, 2019 7:00 AM

Chromecast can’t connect using pods

I’ve been having trouble connecting to Chromecast from my cell phone since getting xfi pods. It appears that my phone AND the Chromecast ultra need to be connected to the same pod. If connected to different pods the phone thinks the Chromecast isn’t online. Can anyone verify they also see this behavior? Comcast, do you know if this is indeed the case?

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2 y ago

Yeah I am running into this issue with Stadia and Chromecast.  When they do connect I a set them up, but then they stopp connection.  I was able to initially connect and both devices updated, and after that it has been a losing battle.   WiFi connections with new devices should not have all these issues.  Reminds me of modems back in the 80's where we needed special string initializations for certain things we conencted to and all the DOS configurations to get games and souncards and such to all work.  It was quite the challenge.  We are not in the 80's and I expect better today 😞

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