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Mon, Jul 4, 2022 6:40 PM

Can't connect or remove XFINITY profile from iPhone

The XFINITY and xfinitywifi hotspots had been working fine on my iPhone 11 Pro for over a year. Recently, however, I've noticed frequent problems trying to connect - little spinning thing going around forever without connecting, or "connecting" but no functional internet access. So I thought it might be good to log out, disconnect/delete everything and then reconnect to the Xfinity Wi-Fi networks.

I have tried to log out and FORGET the Wi-Fi hotspots and so far the only success is that I can connect to xfinitywifi again. The secure XFINITY network is still listed, but I can't connect to it, or remove it. There is no FORGET this network option. I have deleted the Xfinity Hotspot app and reset my network settings several times with no change.

I have used the reset option for all of my network settings, but even after doing that the XFINITY network is still listed under My Networks, which seems really strange. 

I have looked for the Profile under the Settings app for device management, but no XFINITY profile is listed.

It's good that xfinitywifi seems to be working again, but the question is how can I completely remove the XFINITY Wi-Fi network?

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Hi there, @rstoeber13 I'm happy to hear that the Wifi is back working again. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience are you trying to remove a device from the Xfinity Hotspot network?

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