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Tue, Nov 12, 2019 1:00 PM

App problems after moving


Last week I moved to a new house.

The service was not moved. I added a new service address for the new house and a few days later I stopped service at the old address.


Internet and TV work fine at the new address but I have lost access to most of the mobile apps.

XFi, MyAccount, Stream do not work. I get a 'sorry not able to connect, please try again' message.

The xfinity mobile app works fine..


I have tried clearing data, reinstalling, etc but the problems remain.

Can you assist?







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2 y ago

I do not get a login error.

My credentials are accepted and then I get the try again later error.

For the stream app I get no errors but I see no live-tv channels in the app.


For the few days that both addresses were active I was asked to select between the old and the new service address. The problem started once I returned the equipment for the old address.


I guess that somewhere in the system the apps need to relinked to my new address

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