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Thu, Aug 5, 2021 3:33 AM

App not saying device is connected or saying not connected devices is connected

The app was saying my bf phone was connected when it wasn't and hasn't been all day. I restarted the gateway through the app. That didn't work. Still said he was connected. So I unplugged the box for 30 seconds and then plugged it back in. When it was back online it no longer said he was online which was good. Then we had him connect and checked the app. It doesn't say he's connected now when he is. What is going on? How do I fix this?


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2 m ago

Hello @user_c17b15! Thanks so much for taking a moment out of your night to leave a post on our community forum! I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your service, but you have definitely come to the right place for assistance! To clarify are you talking about seeing his device connected to your network on the app or his connection to your TV itself? Also, when you said you unplugged the box, are you talking about a cable box or your modem? 

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