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Wed, Jun 1, 2022 9:55 PM

Android App replacing website

I honestly do not know HOW you can turn off the Internet website on June 6th, when the Android app is patently not fit for purpose and riddled with bugs. Each and every time I use it I get unresponsive spinning cursors, "Whoops something went wrong" messages. And before you post your usual helpful response about reinstalling the app, clearing the app cache etc. etc. I know what I'm doing. I work in this industry.

And thank goodness I do, because frankly how you think this is a consumer-friendly thing is beyond me!

Please reconsider decommissioning the website, at least for a few months until the app is WAY better...



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1 m ago

Clearly, they don't care... it seems like they would rather take our money and say too bad so sad that you cannot manage your network. I feel a class action lawsuit coming on. 

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