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Mon, Apr 13, 2020 2:00 PM

Advanced Security whitelist

We've had probably a hundred or more of the users of our software that are on Xfinity be affected by the Advanced Security feature blocking our software from performing basic networking (HTTPS or direct).  This has been happening for months now. We have searched repeatedly for ways to whitelist our sites/software for Advanced Security, but have not come up with any way to contact or request whitelisting.  (


How do we go about contacting someone at Comcast to prevent this from happening to our mutual users?



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1 y ago

I also use Fantasy Grounds, Ultimate License, and have set up the proper port forwards to allow connection. This is still blocked unless "Advanced Security" is accessed to authorize each connection and then have them attempt to connect a second time or shut off security for the period of play. I am forced to shut it off because my players will occasionally change IP's, which means they have to attempt the first connection so that I get the notification, then I have to navigate the complex and non-intuitive interface to authorize the new IP, than ask them to reconnect.

I shouldn't have to do this once I set the port forwarding, specially with the unintuitive software,  as that is authorization by a person that has a brief understanding of networking and has been warned of the possible hazards. Then we can shut off port forwarding when we are done, greatly simplifying the process of "Advanced Security."

And I was told to come here to contact Comcast, I will be contacting by other means.


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1 y ago

Hi,  @MoonWizard  @jp558  I already contacted our engineer's in Philly awhile back on this issue and they were able to access even with xFi advanced security on so they were not able to duplicate the problem and or issue.  We do have a list of different websites that are being blocked and we have opened up a engineering ticket and each time we get a new website that is being blocked that should not be blocked we are adding it to the list.  I assure you we hear each time a website is being blocked and we are adding it to the list with the rest of them etc.  We understand all of your frustration and we do hear you when you write that the website is being blocked by xFi advanced security. 

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