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Fri, Apr 17, 2020 7:00 AM

activating Gateway with xFi app does not work

The xFi app attempted to connect the Gateway and sent a text with a code. The response from xfinity state"An agent will be calling you any moment to help you." Never happened. After 2 hours. I called 800- xfinity. This is an automated system that does not allow you to speak to a person. I then called 800-comcast and was able to speak to an agent who could not assist me but transferred me to a tech. The tech was great and got the new router connected and set up to my specific needs. Now the xFi app is worthless to me as it is looking for a router to connect and it can't find one. The app tells me to sign off.


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1 y ago

Hello. My apolgoies you've had this experience and issues with the xFi application.  It would my pleasure to assist you ! Please click on my name and send me a personal message with your account number along with  your full name so that we can disucss what is going on. We look forward to getting this issue resolved for you.

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