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Tue, Apr 14, 2020 1:00 PM


A device just connected to home network alerts

I just removed half a dozen rogue devices that say “just connected” to home network. They look like the below text message. All have funny MACs which almost appear identical to each other w/ “Unknown” in all device parameters. I plan on changing password asap, but wondered if there was a resolution to this ongoing issue? Cable modem is an Arris TG1682G. Thanks in advance for any insight.

A device called Supernet-0000 just connected to your home network for the first time. Set up in Xfinity xFi at Txt help or stop



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2 y ago

Their Advanced Security feature has recently been pushed to their gateway devices via a firmware update whether you want it or not, hence the hypochondriac notices. It's buggy.


We've seen many many posts about this here lately ! The work-around is to disable the Advanced Security and not use it for now, it's buggy.;



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