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Fri, Jan 17, 2020 7:00 PM

5 XFi pods failed at same time, no accountability from xfinity.

anyone else ever had all of their XFi pods just fail at the exact same time?

after a power outage on tuesday all of my pods at home disconected (makes sense) but unlike previous times during a storm for example they didnt reccect.

No biggie..i tried manually through XFi app...no dice.

They all after powering on, stay rapidly blinking.

Called the following morning, wasted about a dozen minutes with 1 rep. no fix.
Called that evening, wasted upwards of 65 minutes with 3 different reps & did the tried & true unplug the modem & etc....no dice. That rep told me i would be getting replacement pods...
Got a call this morning from some international #, apologizing that i am not eligible since im past the 12 months (im 3 months over on 3, & 5 months over on the other 2 pods)
Today i spoke with 5 other reps & supervisers..some empathetic..1 even has experienced similar issues...he reccomended i swap out my modem/router....so i did....no dice.

ive spent over 7 hours in a 24 hour window on this nonsense.
i wish they would hold themselves accountable when its a technical issue with equipment they encourage you to purchase just to leave you high and dry when it fails prematurely (5 times over in my case) & hide behind the 12 month policy..

In my buisness, when i sell something & it suffers a total failure this early...i want it back to diagnose it & learn from it so others dont hace to deal with this...maybe xfinity would rather make more money off their cu$tomers instead of taking care of them.

*oh, & @Xfinity im still waiting for the supervisor from Minneapolis to call me 8 hours later...(even though i was told it would be within a "2 hour window".

useful info for others, no power surge occured, nothing else besides the XFI pods are affected..1 of the reps believes the XFi pods may have been receving 1 of their regular updates that are sent to them when it occured...but no way for them to reset it via theyre diagnostics ran.


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