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Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 2:00 PM


ANSWERED: X1 Accessibility Features and Benefits for Customers with Disabilities

COVID-19 and Customers with Disabilities
With businesses and schools closed and stay-at-home orders in effect in many areas due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that customers with disabilities may be relying on our network, products and services now more than ever. Here’s an overview of Xfinity Accessibility options that can help. Learn more at

Xfinity Accessibility Features and Benefits

For a current overview of everything we are doing for our Xfinity customers, visit


Expanded Access to Internet Essentials
In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency, we are offering our Internet Essentials program – our low-income Internet adoption program – to new customers for free for 60 days. This program has connected more than eight million Americans including, importantly, customers with disabilities.

We have also increased speeds for the Internet Essentials service from 25/3 Mbps to 50/5 Mbps for all new and existing customers, which will be the speed of the service going forward. In this way, we will ensure that Internet Essentials customers will be able to use their Internet service for all their increased needs as a result of this crisis. Learn more at


Accessibility Options on the TV Made Easy
  • With Xfinity X1 or Flex, just press the B button on your Voice Remote or say “accessibility” for settings, tips, support and content collections all in one place.
  • With Xfinity Mobile apps, enjoy accessibility options as you watch TV on the go, monitor your home, manage your Internet and more. Learn more about Apple and Android accessibility options.

X1 & Xfinity Flex Voice Remote
  • For any accessibility option, there’s a voice command. Say “captions,” “description,” or “Voice Guidance” into your X1 or Flex remote to turn those options on or off.
  • Say “described shows” to explore the audio description collection of everything airing right now, On Demand or on Netflix that’s described.
  • Say “Accessibility Tips” for an overview of accessibility options at any time.

Voice Guidance
With X1, Xfinity Flex and the Xfinity Home touchscreen, let Voice Guidance announce on-screen text and options as you go. Xfinity mobile apps also utilize tablet and smartphone screen readers.

Audio Description Collection
Just say “described shows” to find a collection of programs that include audio description, a secondary audio track that adds a narrator describing visuals like scene changes, graphics and facial expressions. Start playing the show you want and then say “description” to enable audio description.

A Remote for Everyone
With the Xfinity X1 Web Remote, it’s easy for anyone to control the X1 TV experience with the assistive devices such as eye tracking devices, screen readers, Dragon Naturally Speaking, keyboard-only, switch controls, sip and puff and mouth sticks. This technology also enables you to type text commands instead of voice commands.

Visit to access the remote.

Enhanced Closed Captions
Enhanced closed captioning settings give you control over the style of your closed captions - the on-screen transcription of the dialogue and sound effects on the show you’re watching. Ensure caption readability with options like font size, style and color, background color and opacity and more.

Enhanced closed captions are available on all Xfinity HD TV Boxes. With X1, closed captioning options are easier than ever to find and change. Learn more about Closed Captioning on X1.

Entertainment Anywhere
More people are home now than ever, which could mean competition for the TV. Download Xfinity Stream for Apple or Android and watch live, On Demand, or DVR content right on your device. You can also watch with Stream in a web browser. And you can do it all with your device’s screen reader.


Your home is now your office, school and playground – we’re here for you to make sure you’re getting the support you need to keep them all up and running.

There are a number of digital tools that can help answer your questions, optimize your network and much more...on all of your devices.
  • The Xfinity Assistant – an always-on virtual assistant – is the quickest way to get help with common accessibility questions like how to enable captions or audio description, or how to use Voice Guidance.
  • Visit your Xfinity account to quickly and easily manage your Xfinity services, troubleshoot your equipment and more – online or on your mobile device.
  • With xFi, you can maximize your WiFi network so you can stay productive at home and keep your family members safe and happy. You can also run an xFi speed test, control your family’s device usage, and get helpful tips and tricks for how to better optimize speeds and protect your devices in your home.

We’re always here for you on the phone, too. Reach our specially trained support team for customers with disabilities by phone, chat or email ( And explore our Accessibility Knowledgebase at

If you prefer to communicate directly using American Sign Language (ASL), you can connect with an ASL Agent by visiting They can currently assist you with high-speed data issues, Internet Essentials eligibility and application process, Xfinity TV support and billing, all without the need for an interpreter.


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