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ANSWERED: Where to find the SEC Network or the SEC alternate channel(s) in your area?

Two of ESPN’s streaming networks are available on Xfinity X1 and Flex!

ESPN3 and SEC+ let you stream more than 5,000 sporting events annually, including more than 150 NCAA college football games, international soccer matches, Grand Slam tennis, NCAA basketball and more.

Xfinity X1 TV Boxes and Stream (Web and App): We offer two of ESPN’s online streaming networks (ESPN3 and SEC+) on X1 and Stream, both of which are integrated into live and On Demand sports content and labeled with an “Internet” badge.

Xfinity Flex Streaming TV Boxes: ESPN3 is available on Flex and it can be accessed through the ESPN app; however, SEC+ can only be accessed through the ESPN app.


Which equipment are eligible for this programming?
X1 TV Boxes, excluding RNG150 devices, Xfinity Stream (web and app) are eligible for ESPN3 and SEC+. Please note that ESPN3 and SEC+ aren't available on Xfinity Stream on Roku and Samsung Smart TVs. ESPN3 and SEC+ are also available on Flex streaming TV Boxes as well as through the ESPN app on Flex.

I have an RNG150 TV Box, how can I access this content?
As ESPN3 and SEC+ are Internet-based networks, RNG150 devices aren't eligible for this content. You'll have to swap out your TV Box for a device that supports this programming. Contact us for help!

Will I need to pay extra to watch this content?
No, you won't be charged to view this programming. However, you'll need to have Xfinity Internet to stream ESPN3 on your X1 TV Box or Flex streaming TV Box.

To access ESPN3 on Xfinity Stream, you'll need either Xfinity Internet or a subscription to ESPN as part of your Xfinity TV service.

To access SEC+ on X1 and Xfinity Stream, you'll need to subscribe to the SEC Network as part of your Xfinity TV service.

Why is there a badge that says “Internet” on all the content from these networks?
All videos from ESPN3 and SEC+ are Internet-based, meaning they're sent over your Xfinity Internet service to your TV Box. So, this programming will be subject to the rules, terms and conditions that govern Xfinity Internet service, including any data usage plans that may apply. Learn more aboutX1 Internet data usageand seefrequently asked questions.

How will I know if the content I watch is Internet-based?
All ESPN3 and SEC+ are Internet-based. You'll see an Internet badge, that usually appears on the tile or header.

Why don't I have access to SEC+ content as part of ESPN OTT?
If you have Xfinity Internet, you're entitled to ESPN3 content. SEC+ is only offered to customers who have a subscription to the SEC Network as part of their Xfinity TV service, meaning that you would need a subscription to ESPN as well.

How can I tell if the programming is offered in another language (like, Spanish-based events)?
When programs are available in a different language, you'll see a "SAP"badge when the content is highlighted on your screen.


How can I watch streaming content from ESPN on X1?
You can access ESPN's streaming content several ways:

  • Sports On Demand on X1- Press the Xfinity button on your remote, navigate to On Demandand then select Sports.
  • Sports Guide on X1 - The content can be found in the Browse rows once there. Learn more about the Sports Guide on X1.
  • Sports Team pages.
  • ESPN network pages, like ESPN, ESPN3 and SEC+.
  • Saying a voice command into your Xfinity Voice Remote, such as “ESPN3" and “SEC Plus.” This takes you to the network pages, where you can see live and upcoming events.
    ESPN3 X1 Screen
    ESPN3 program with Internet badge on the top left and program play options on the bottom.

Why can't I find ESPN3 or SEC+ in the X1 guide?
Since this content is Internet-based, there is no actual channel in the X1 guide tied to these networks. It will be populated in other areas of X1 to make the content as easy to discover as possible.


Why can't I rewind or fast-forward this content?
For live-streamed events, the fast forward, rewind, skip forward and skip backward options are not available at the moment. Restart is also disabled.

  • Note: If you are watching a replay, you will be able to skip forward and backward and pause the programming.

I can't record a game that I'm watching. Why not?
The option to record is not a feature that is supported for Internet content on X1 at this time. As such, you will not see a Record option in the action bar for this content.

Why am I unable to access content from the Last 9 experience?
Streams are open for the duration of a program. Once the stream is complete, you will no longer be able to tune into the stream - it will become unavailable. This is usually the reason you may not be able to tune into your stream.

I was able to open a program, but now my TV screen is blacked out. What happened?
Sometimes, the event will either expand or reduce the blackout region based on the network's preferences. If you are in an expanded blackout region, you will not be able to tune into the stream at that time. If you exit and tune to something else, then try to return to the program, there is the potential of being locked out of a stream. Learn more about sports blackout restrictions.

Why can't I tune into an event?
If you are in a blacked out area, you will see an error message which states that you are in a blacked out area and unable to tune in at this time. If the stream has ended, the message will state that the stream is either unavailable or over.


Can I set reminders for this content?
Yes. You will be able to set reminders for live internet content events through ESPN3 only. SEC+ will be supported at a later date. Learn more about setting program reminders on X1.

Can I record ESPN3 and SEC+ content?
X1 currently doesn't support recording content that is streamed over the Internet. There should not be a Record option for single events. If you record team events, these will not be included.


I’m trying to watch content from one of these networks, but it’s frozen. What should I do?
If the video is frozen or not launching on your TV Box, exit the video and re-enter. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your X1 TV Box. If problems persist, please contact us.

I’m trying to watch an event running past the scheduled end time, but I can’t view it. Why not?
If you’re new to the stream and search for an event after the scheduled end time, you will not be able to locate or access the stream. The event will be removed at the scheduled end time. You can sign in to the ESPN app (on mobile or Flex streaming TV Boxes) or with your Xfinity ID and password to view the content.

If you were active in the stream and watching an event, you'll be able to watch the event past the scheduled end time. However, if you exit the stream, the event will be removed, and you won't be able to locate the event or be allowed back in to the stream. You can sign into the ESPN app (on mobile or Flex streaming TV Boxes) or with your Xfinity ID and password to view the programming.

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