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ANSWERED: What is the Xfinity MLB Extra Innings HD Beta?

MLB Spring Training


MLB Extra Innings delivers up to 90 out-of-market games each week, along with dual-feed broadcasts and the mosaic channel to catch multiple games at once. And now for the first time, MLB.TV is included with the MLB Extra Innings subscription. Sign up for MLB Extra Innings here:



The MLB EXTRA INNINGS HD Beta is available to customers that meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • Subscribe to X1
  • Subscribe to an Xfinity TV package that includes HD service
  • Have an MLB EXTRA INNINGS subscription

**Note**All MLB EXTRA INNINGS subscribers can watch games in HD (regardless of MLB EXTRA INNINGS HD Beta requirements) via the Xfinity Stream app and portal.




The following functionality will not be supported in the MLB EXTRA INNINGS HD Beta experience:

  • Recording

Access via X1 Guide

**Note**: The easiest way to access the games in HD is to say “MLB Extra Innings HD Beta” into your X1 Voice Remote.


    1. On X1 TV Boxes, the "MLB Extra Innings HD (Beta)" channel is the first MLB EXTRA INNINGS listing in the X1 guide above the current MLB EXTRA INNINGS SD channels.
      The MLB Extra Innings HD (Beta) channel is displayed among the channel lineup 
    2. Selecting MLB Extra Innings HD (Beta) from the X1 guide launches the MLB Extra Innings HD (Beta) Collection page with MLB team logos organized by league. You can select any logo and watch the associated game.
      Numerous MLB team logos are displayed on the screen
      **Note**: If you have not subscribed to MLB EXTRA INNINGS or the game is not subject to blackouts, you will see an error message indicating that you are not currently able to watch the game. See blackout informaiton below.
    3. If you are subscribed to the MLB EXTRA INNINGS and the game is not subject to blackouts, the live game will play.
      A screen shot of a live MLB game is displayed
      **Note**: The game announcers will be based on the team selected. Example: The Boston Red Sox are playing the New York Yankees. If you select the Boston Red Sox logo tile, the game will be shown with Red Sox announcers. If you select the New York Yankees logo tile, the game will be shown with Yankees announcers.


Access via Search

  • MLB Extra Innings HD (Beta) Collection Page: You can text search or say into your X1 Voice Remote "MLB EXTRA INNINGS HD Beta," and you will be presented with the MLB Extra Innings HD (Beta) Collection page, which displays MLB team logos organized by league.
  • MLB Team Page: X1 customers can also continue to search for a specific team where the team's live HD game will be available by selecting the MLB Extra Innings HD (Beta) tile on the Team page.
    An MLB Extra Innings HD (Beta) tile is displayed on the left, and team logos are displayed in a new screen on the right



Access via the Xfinity Stream App, Web Portal and Roku App

On the Xfinity Stream portal online and in the Xfinity Stream app and Roku app, channels are labeled as "Beta" and include team logos, and will appear between the regular grid guide and the network websites and apps. Each team has their own channel.

Xfinity Stream app:
Stream app channel guide with MLB team logos.

Roku app:
Roku app channel guide with MLB logos.



Blackout Information

Blackout restrictions apply to all MLB games offered in the MLB EXTRA INNINGS package. Customers will receive the following message if the live game they are attempting to view is in a blackout:
'Sorry, this game is currently blacked out due to league restrictions You may be able to find the game on another channel. Please check the Guide for details.'


Few Spring Training games are televised locally or nationally. In the event that the same pre-season game is televised nationally and locally, the national network is blacked out because the game is shown on another channel in the local market.

Regular Season
Over the course of the MLB's season, nationally-televised games may appear on FOX, ESPN, FS1, FS2, TBS and the MLB Network. Local blackouts of national networks are common because virtually all games are televised in each team's local market either on a local broadcast station or regional cable network. These local/regional airings are never blacked out. This means you will rarely miss your home team games. You may just need to change the channel to find the game you're looking for.

For an additional fee, you can purchase the MLB EXTRA INNINGS pay per view (PPV) package, a collection of most of the televised games from other markets. The only games in the MLB EXTRA INNINGS package that are subject to blackout are those also carried by your local station/regional cable network.

All MLB Playoff games are televised nationally, and they are not subject to any blackouts. The schedule is sometimes not determined until the last minute, as one day's television schedule sometimes depends on the outcome of the previous day's game(s).

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