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ANSWERED: What is Movies Anywhere and how does it work with Comcast?



Movies Anywhere, developed by Disney, allows digital movie purchases made across a variety of retailers to be viewed in a single shared playback service. Current retailers include iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, Vudu, FandangoNOW, Amazon, and Xfinity.

The Movies Anywhere integration with Xfinity allows purchases from Xfinity TV boxes and the Xfinity Stream app or website to be played using the Movies Anywhere service, as well as allows purchases made on connected participating retailer sites to be played on X1, non X1 and the Stream app or web portal.

Create and Link a Movies Anywhere Account

Web Browser

  1. Navigate to the Movies Anywhere homepage in your Internet browser. Select the Get Started button at the top right of the screen and follow the on-screen prompts.
  2. Once you have registered a Movies Anywhere account, navigate to the Account Linking page and follow the on-screen prompts to connect your Xfinity account. Repeat the steps to connect other retailer accounts for which you have purchases you want to include in your movie library.



Mobile Device

  1. On the Movies Anywhere app, navigate to More > New here? Create account and follow the on-screen prompts.
  2. On the Movies Anywhere app, navigate to More > Manage Retailers and follow the on-screen prompts to connect your Xfinity account. Repeat the steps to connect other retailer accounts for which you have purchases you want to include in your movie library.
    Note: If you change your Xfinity password at any point, you will need to re-link your Movies Anywhere account.



X1 Device

  1. Say “Movies Anywhere” into your X1 voice remote to visit the Movies Anywhere destination page, then select Watch a Demo.
    Movies Anywhere main page with the Watch Demo tile on the right. 
  2. While the demo video is playing, select Send to mobile. Enter your mobile phone number and select Send text.
    • Note: Standard text messaging rates will apply.
      Movies Anywhere demo page with Send to mobile option on bottom left.
      Phone number field in the middle left, with Send text option on bottom left. 
  3. Click the link send to your mobile device to the Movies Anywhere page, where you can follow the account linking instructions above.
    Movies Anywhere text message.



Access Your Purchases

Xfinity X1 TV Boxes
Purchases will appear under   Menu > Saved > Purchases.

Xfinity Non-X1 TV Boxes
Purchases will appear from the   Xfinity On Demand menu.

Xfinity Stream app or Web Portal
Purchases will appear under   Saved > Purchases.





General Frequently Asked Questions

What movies are eligible for Movies Anywhere?
Movies Anywhere supports content from Disney, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros. Movies from studios currently not participating will not flow into your Xfinity-linked Movies Anywhere account.

To check eligibility, visit the Movies help page to see a list of included movies and use the magnifying glass search feature to look for eligible titles. Please note that some movies extras purchased on your Xfinity account may not be eligible for Movies Anywhere.

Can I link TV episodes or rented movies using Movies Anywhere?
Currently, only the transfer and playback of eligible movie purchases are supported by Movies Anywhere.

How soon will I see a movie I bought on Xfinity in Movies Anywhere?
Movie purchases are typically available in the Movies Anywhere service as soon as the purchase is completed.

Are 3D or 4K UHD movies supported?
The Movies Anywhere service does not currently support playback of these video formats but will redeem, import, store and transfer 4K rights to any connected retailers. When Movies Anywhere receives a 4K UHD entitlement, it will play it in HD on Xfinity.

Note: Digital copy codes of 4K UHD films can flow from the Movies Anywhere code redemption service to the retailer accounts you connect, some of which support 4K UHD. Please contact the retailer directly for more details.

If I change my Xfinity password, will I need to re-link my Movies Anywhere account?

If I disconnect my Xfinity account from Movies Anywhere, do the movies that previously came into my Xfinity library from Movies Anywhere stay in my account?
Yes, your movies would remain in the Movies Anywhere library, available for playback on X1, non X1 and the Stream app, even if you disconnect your Xfinity account.

Can I link multiple Xfinity accounts to Movies Anywhere?
No, you can only link one Xfinity account to one Movies Anywhere account. Please note the account sharing restriction in which there is a 180-day waiting period to re-link Xfinity and other retailer account to the Movies Anywhere service.

What accessibility features are available with Movies Anywhere?
Any accessibility features that are part of Xfinity are available for movies from the Movies Anywhere platform.
Does it cost anything to use Movies Anywhere?
Aside from the purchase price of the movie, there are no additional charges for accessing the Movies Anywhere service through Xfinity.



Troubleshooting FAQs

I don’t see a movie I bought on Xfinity in Movies Anywhere.

To check if a movie is eligible to participate in the Movies Anywhere service, click the magnifying glass search icon on the upper right side of the Movies Anywhere home screen. If the movie does not appear in search results, it is currently ineligible for inclusion in your Movies Anywhere movie library.

  1. Go to the Account Linking page on Movies Anywhere site or More > Manage Retailers to verify that your retailer accounts are connected to the Movies Anywhere service.
  2. If the movie is eligible for inclusion, your retailer accounts are connected, and you still don’t see the movie in your Movies Anywhere library, please contact Xfinity customer care for assistance.

I don’t see a movie I bought from another retailer in Movies Anywhere.
Please contact Movies Anywhere customer care for assistance.

I forgot my password or Xfinity ID.
Xfinity's Help Center can help you find or reset your username. The Help Center also has options for resetting your password.

Why can’t I access Movies Anywhere after moving my Comcast service to a new address?
If you can’t access Movies Anywhere after a move, you may need to unlink/re-link your account. If you’re still under the 180 day re-linking restriction, contact Movies Anywhere support at (833) 466-8438 and explain that you have recently moved your service.

Why am I unable to sign in to the Movies Anywhere service?
If you are unable to sign in to the service after you have entered your correct username and password, visit the Movies Anywhere Help Center for instructions on how to recover your account. Once your account is recovered, you will be able to sign in as usual.


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