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ANSWERED: How to get Xfinity Accessibility Assistance?

Xfinity Customers who rely on  accessibility services  - including Closed Captioning, video description and voice guidance - now have direct access to a specially trained customer support team via Comcast's Accessibility Support Center for Customers with Disabilities, dedicated to resolving issues of importance to our customers with disabilities.

If you have an issue not related to disability access services please  Contact Us  or try one of our other  contact options .

What kinds of issues does the Comcast Accessibility Support Center for Customers with Disabilities handle?


The Comcast Accessibility Support Center for Customers with Disabilities can assist with:



Contact the Accessibility Support Center for Customers with Disabilities

Customers can reach the center between the hours of 8:00 AM and 12:00 AM ET, seven days a week, by: Customers can also get help and support online at .

Accessibility Help Videos on Xfinity X1

X1 makes it easy to get Accessibility help and support right on your TV.
  1. Press the A key on your Xfinity remote to get to the Help screen. The A key is a triangle shaped button just above the number 1 key.
    The XFINITY Help screen. 
  2. Use the arrow keys to navigate the X1 Help screen. The second row of items has several folders that contain help videos on different products or topics.
    The XFINITY Help screen with the XFINITY TV Help & Support video selected.  
  3. Use the right arrow key to find the Accessibility folder at the end of the Help Videosrow. Press OK key at the center of the directional arrow pad to enter the Accessibilityfolder.
    The Help Videos screen with Accessibility Help & Support video selected.  
  4. Use the up and down arrow keys on your Xfinity remote to explore the Accessibility help video titles.
    The XFINITY Accessibility page with various options listed. 
  5. Press OK to watch the video you’ve selected.


Finding the Accessibility Settings Menu on X1

The easiest way to get to the   Accessibility Settings  menu is to press and hold the   microphone button on your X1 Voice Remote and say "accessibility." The   microphone  button, which initiates voice control, is either located three rows up from the   OK  button and is shaped like a slightly indented rectangle, or is located five rows up from the bottom of your remote and is shaped like a circle, depending on your X1 Voice Remote model.   Learn more about your X1 Voice Remote.
Access the Accessibility Settings menu using voice commands.
You can also press the   B  key on your X1 remote control to open the   Accessibility Settings menu. The   B  button is shaped like a square on your remote.

Additionally, you can navigate to   Accessibility Settings  from the main menu.
  1. Press the xfinity button on your X1 remote control. The button is located five rows down from the top center of the remote. Then use the arrow keys to navigate to Settings, represented by the gear icon to the far right on the menu. Press OK.
    Main menu. Settings icon is all the way to the right. 
  2. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the Settings menu. Select Accessibility Settings and press OK on your remote.
    Settings screen. Accessibility Settings is the fifth option down from top.
     Settings screen with Accessibility Settings highlighted.



Using the Accessibility Settings Menu

In the   Accessibility Settings  menu, you'll find options including:
  • Closed Captioning: On/Off: Select this and press OK to turn Closed Captioning on or off.
  • Closed Captioning Options: Includes font size, color and style, background color and opacity, and more. Select Closed Captioning Options and press OK to adjust these readability settings.
  • Video Description: On/Off: Select this and press OK to turn Video Description on or off. With Video Description, you'll hear audio-narrated descriptions of key visual elements such as actions, facial expressions, costumes or scene changes on shows that have Video Description available.
  • Voice Guidance: On/Off: Select this and press OK to turn the talking guide on or off. With Voice Guidance, you'll hear on-screen text and options spoken aloud to help you navigate through screens. You can also turn Voice Guidance on or off by pressing the Akey (the triangular button on your remote) twice at any time. Learn more about Voice Guidance for the X1 talking guide.
  • Voice Guidance Options: Change how fast Voice Guidance speaks on-screen text and options.
  • Enhanced Text Readability: Change the text size of the on-screen guide.
  • Remote Shortcut: Choose what accessibility feature you want to turn on/off when you press the B key twice.
  • X1 Tips and Tricks: Browse tips and tricks related to accessibility.
  • Find Shows with Video Description: Browse a collection of described shows and movies.
    X1 Accessibility Settings screen with Closed Captioning highlighted
As more accessibility features become available, you'll find them in the   Accessibility Settingsmenu. Options available under this menu are also available elsewhere in the   Settings  menu.



To learn more about Xfinity Accessibility Assistace see the links below:

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