Sat, Jan 22, 2022 6:27 PM

yet ANOTHER customer who can't view/change plans

I've complained to your customer service so freaking many times I lost count a long time ago. Run around doesn't begin to describe what I get. Last time this is seriously what I was told "I'm sorry I can't do anything about this, I've sent a "ticket" over to the engineers to keep an eye on. If you still have problems, call back and they can do something about it" wtf. I have to call back... again... cause.. .why again? I see others are told to send a direct message to xfinity support. Yeah, problem with that is there is NO message icon in the top right of my screen. So it would be super awesome if someone at xfinity would actually FIX this problem, cause it's not just me, obviously. And yeah, i really do wish i had other options cause this company effing stinks. So... who can actually FIX This for me?

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Hi, @wish-i-had-other-options. Thank you for the feedback you've provided in regard to this issue. I can assure you that this is not the experience that we want for our customers. I see that you were able to find the Private Message function on here (we received your message). With that said, please rest assured that we will review your account with you in order to see what promotions we have available for your account. I will be responding to your private message. I look forward to working with you.  

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