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Wed, Jun 8, 2022 6:22 PM

Why do we have to install Xfinity software for 2FA?

Hi there, I've seen a few posts on this now, and most go unanswered with a hand wavy response from support, followed by quickly closing the question, so I figured I'd ask for myself. As someone who has implement 2FA for many software projects over the years, I do not know why we need to install Xfinity authenticator. Why can't we use Google authenticator and the like? It seems like standard TOTP 2FA. If it is for "additional security" then I would like a technical explanation of what additional security an app on my phone (that asks for some odd permissions btw) is necessary?




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Thank You for connecting with the community on the Xfinity Support Forums. We appreciate your question, and while we're thrilled to answer any question, Due to proprietary software design and intellectual property rights, we're unable to disclose specific information that is being requested regarding the Xfinity Authenticator App.


As it stands the decision to use a proprietary authentication app, as opposed to a third party app, is made based on a variety of factors but we do take all customer feedback into consideration. You can learn more about our commitment to security and customer privacy at the Xfinity Privacy Center.

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