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Wed, Jan 22, 2020 2:00 AM

Why do I have a 10 year old account as my primary account? Cannot sign into my account I have now.

I have 2 different account numbers. One is an account I use to have over 10 years ago, and that's the one it takes me to when I sign in to pay my bill. It does not let me change to the other account number. I dont even know how this account is the primary. The up to date account I have now, isn't even in the same city, let alone the street address. I've been like this since I opened this acc ok until. I tried all your chat lines & it doesn't change anything. I am not able to even pay my bill, unless I drive out of town to the nearest office location. I dont want to pay extra each month for paying over the phone. This needs to be fixed, I'm not kidding. It's a big hassle for the fact that no one has put the effort to try & fix this. If I could I would! It keeps telling me that I cannot make any changes on this account. What's up with that? You take my payments with no hassle at all! That's not a very good way to do business. I know you have lots of customers, and all of them pay you for your services, where is my service????



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1 y ago

When you move, Comcast typically assigns a new account number to your new location, even if it's only a few doors away, and they create a new Primary user ID. They may or may not transfer your previous email address(es) (user IDs/logins) to your new account.


Double check your UserIDs on your home system with the Lookup tool at https://idm.xfinity.com/myaccount/lookup. After you enter the requested information you'll see a list of the UserIDs on your account and an indication of which one is Primary.

If the ID you are using is not Primary, you'll need to log in with the Primary ID. If you need help with that, options on https://www.xfinity.com/support/contact-us/ don't get this resolved, and an employee doesn't reply to your message here, Comcast Security Assurance should be able to help. You can reach them at 1-888-565-4329 (from https://internetsecurity.xfinity.com/help/report-abuse/). Note that this is NOT one of the general customer service numbers.

The first-line reps there are sometimes not very helpful, so you may need to be persistent and keep at them until you get a satisfactory answer.

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