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Mon, Jul 5, 2021 3:34 AM

Unable To View Account Details


I started using Xfinity last year and it's been great! However, even since not long after I registered, I have never been able to access my account online and have had to make payments without logging in. When I click on my "View Billing" or "Account Settings," I receive the following prompt:

Thanks for your purchase, _______!

We're getting your account set up. Check back soon to track and activate your services.

I also receive a small box with username information I can log into my account with. In addition, when I click on "My Account" on the left portion of the Xfinity website's tool bar, the page buffers for a small amount of time before I get the message: "Hmmmmm, the page didn't load correctly" and the option to refresh. It will not load no matter how many refreshes.

Tonight, I tried every aspect of troubleshooting I was able to easily find. I tried a different web browser, tried deleting all my cached files and cookies before retrying, refreshed, etc. I'm even currently typing this out on a PC I, quite literally, finished building tonight, and still it does not work. What can I do to finally fix this?


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2 m ago

Hello, @user_6777bb! Let's figure out what's happening with your login, so you can fully enjoy the benefits offered. I know bill pay, without being able to make the payment online, would be super frustrating. Especially as I love having autopay set up. To start, when you follow the steps to recover your username, does it show a different one assigned to your account? There's a chance either the username was never linked to your account or another one was created in its place. Please follow this UserID Lookup Tool: https://comca.st/3AuYgFy;




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2 m ago

To find your Primary user ID, use the Lookup Tool: https://idm.xfinity.com/myaccount/lookup
Just enter the requested information and you will see a listing of all the user ID's on your account, one of which will be the Primary ID.


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