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Tue, Jan 25, 2022 10:47 PM

Moved, got a new account, but it didn't transfer my email accounts or access

I moved recently and transferred my service to my new address. Everything went smoothly as far as the hookup and getting actual cable and internet, but things are not as simple from the account management side. I can still sign in using my existing IDs for my old primary account, but now it's in some sort of maintenance mode like I'm a former customer. The account appears to be tied to my old address/account but any attempts to link it to new one from my end are fruitless and I end up at an error message eventually. My 7 email addresses are all active still (thankfully - I actually had having Comcast service as one of the criteria in buying a new home because I didn't want to change years and years of email addresses at all sorts of places). But it feels like everything should have migrated over to the new account number with the move.

Not sure what to do from here... I'd really like to get it right the first time because the thought of being on a phone call for 2 hours isn't too appealing.


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4 m ago

Hey there, @Anon27221. Congratulations on your new home, exciting! I hope the move went smoothly and you had some help moving. Thanks for taking Xfinity with you into your new place and for the detailed message here on the Xfinity Forums. 


Let's get this sorted and ensure you're all set for success. Creating extra Xfinity Id's is a great way to help other users can access the account and enjoy Xfinity services. To start, we'll want to be sure you're logging into the account using the primary Xfinity ID. 


You can find you Xfinity ID following the steps here, and this one to reset the password if needed. Once we're all set and sure we're logged in as the Primary ID, you will see the old account info. Next, we'll want to follow these steps to link and switch between multiple accounts. 


Can you please let us know if this info helps you access the new account info? Thank you! 

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