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Fri, Feb 21, 2020 5:00 AM

errorCode DFPLN3001 trying to view services and offers

Our 24-month "agreement" just underwent it's anual "fee" increase and I'm interested in finding options to reduce our Xfinity bill, if not now, when our "agreement" is up this fall.  Whenever I try to explore my plan and pricing options, I'm redirected to https://www.xfinity.com/error/buy/sorry?errorCode=DFPLN3001 which says I need to call and speak to a representative.  I understand from reading the forums that Comcast is aware of this error and just wondering if anyone can help?  I am just interested in being able to see pricing and understand my options  from the comfort of my home/computer, not trying to compare offers under pressure while on the phone -- not knowing "all" the options and not being able to take my time and compare a'la carte options, all the "fees" etc.


Thanks in advance for any help!


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1 y ago

Having the same issues the button does not work..just getting the error code. Spoke to the c/s chat person said she would email the packages that are available at this time....uh yeah still waiting on that email 😞


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1 y ago

You both can check the Rate Card, (services & pricing list for existing customers), for your area. 

Then you can view and compare the services & standard pricing that's available, and/or have a basis to compare any promotional packages they might offer. n. . .


After signing in to your Xfinity MyAccount , this link should access the Rate Card  PDF document.


Or also at your online MyAccount Billing page on right side column Links


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1 y ago

For those who find reading rate-card less than fun, a good approach is to buying your own comcast-approved cable-modem and whatever router you like.    Ask for for bare-minimum internet service "performance starter" or "performance junior baby",  and minimum TV service "Choice TV" and its free HD-DTAs.   You can get these services or better via a "Double Play" if you are a new customer, which can save you about $50 per month for first year.    Start with that for a month or three before considering any upgrades.   This approach can easily save you $1000 per year if you go for it!  


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