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Sat, Mar 14, 2020 4:00 PM

Duplicate accounts, one primary and one secondary, blocking use of recovery email and phone number

I've accidentally created 2 accounts, 1 which is a secondary that is NOT attached to my home address but that has my normal email and phone number. Another which is a primary account properly attached to my home address in which I've set up all my billing info but CANNOT use my normal email and phone number in because those are already used by the secondary account. How can I delete the secondary account so I can properly use the primary one? 


Asking for help here because contacting support privately has been difficult. When I try to schedule a call,  I get the error message "We're having trouble scheduling your callback" over and over again. I've also tried chatting with an agent but the chat window powered by "eGain" never loads any content.



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