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Wed, Aug 26, 2020 7:00 AM

Can't view or change services online

Hi - Since becoming a Comcast subscriber I've been unable to view my services and make changes online. Why is that? I really don't want to have to call support every time.



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8 m ago

Hi @treadpool, sorry to hear you're having issues with your account. Could you describe a bit more in detail what you're experiencing? I just checked and it appears I'm able to see your My Account view from my end. 


Can you try the following to isolate the issue:

  1.       Have you tried accessing the page from your mobile phone?
  2.       Clear your bowser cache (this applies to app sign-ins as well)
    1. Mobile phone:
      1. Instructions for Apple
      2. Instructions for Android
    2. Desktop browser:
  3.  Antivirus/Firewall
    1. Do you have an antivirus or firewall preventing the site from loading?
  4. Browser Plugins
    1. Do you have any browser plugins that may be blocking the page from loading?
  5. VPN
    1. Do you currently have a VPN running in the background? Does turning off the VPN successfully log you in? Not sure if a VPN would block access, sometimes VPN sevices have their own firewall rules that interfere so it's a good one to rule out.
  6.  Device/Network
    1. Does the same issue persist when you go to ?
    2. Does going on cellular make a difference?
    3. Trying to rule out anything due to being on the home network.
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