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Thu, Feb 13, 2020 10:00 AM


Cant shop for offers or add devices


For years now I have been unable to manage and upgrade my account online.

I had previously received error pages that said I had to call Xfinity for help with my account.

Recently, I upgraded my service by speaking with an agent on the phone, and since then I still cant view offers or add any devices.

Now I receive an error that just says "Looks like Netlix is part of your plan. To make any changes, just call 1-800-XFINITY." The title of the page in the tab says "Sorry", with URL of

I was looking to get the Flex device and there is no way to add it to my account, and I just get that page.


This happens on all devices, all browsers and in incognito mode.


Any help would be appreciated.




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2 y ago

You're not alone!  Despite being under a 24-month "agreement" which I entered to try to stabilize my Comcast bill, "fees" keep going up and I was interested in shopping for options, if not now, when my "agreement" term is up in a few months.  Whenever I try to check out offers and options to explore what things like broadband-only, or ore economical channel lineups, I get the dreaded DFPLN3001.  It's been like this ever since I took Comcast up on the "Netflix included" option when I entered into my current "agreement".  I'm not optimistic for a fix given this problem has been floating around in the forums for a long time, but hope springs eternal! 




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1 y ago

I get the same thing. It's a tactic to force you to speak to a representative so they can do a high pressure sales pitch. And with the way prices are shooting up at a pace 10x inflation, in 10 years a month of Xfinity cable is going to cost more than the mortgage on a Beverly Hills mansion.


I got rid of cable itself almost 2 years ago and just do Internet and landline phone.. The cost of that is rising to be nearly the same price as the triple play deal I had before that included all cable stations offered, HD service, internet and phone.


In 2 years. Now they've severely capped the internet to gouge people with 4K TVs so I'll be force to pay more somehow or just toss myself out the window since I'm disabled, on a fixed income that is only accounting for 1.5% inflation not the 15% Xfinity is blasting out.


They're really starting to pound the elderly and disabled into the ground, especially since in my area it's Xfinity or dial up.  Just the internet and phone is going to rip 25% of my disability income right off the top every month.

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