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Mon, Jan 4, 2021 11:00 AM

can't even view plans

Every time I sign in to view the new plans I get a,  sorry you have to call costomer service to change your plan, message. After a 40 minute wait, the agent then promtly tells me I have the cheapest plan available and that I should look online to compair others. Well thanks a lot! I can't even get to the page to view the different plans offered!!! All I get is the message to call and then wait for another 40 minutes. After 20 years I hope some other sevice providers start providing internet in my area these guys need competition badly!





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8 m ago

I have been getting this same message since 2018. Even those sales agents that run you down in walmart cant access my plan on my account. 


Im not even trying to change my plan, I just want to VIEW it and make sure it hasn't been changed... its rediculous that its just more than ME that gets this message and there seems to be no fix for it year after year of people complaining about this. 




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2 m ago

Has there been any solution to this?



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1 m ago

No solution - no change - can't see anything online, really, if you want to make a change - have to call them

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