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Fri, Nov 6, 2020 9:00 AM


Cannot edit/manage my services online directed to call

I am being redirected to call when I am looking for promotions on services available to me. I am being redirected to call when I am simply trying to manage my subscriptions online. I am being redirected to call when I want to request a new device because mine is not the most current and my internet speed is not meeting my subscription standards frequently. I have contacted online and by phone and the only solution given each time is "i'll restart your device". That is not a long-term solution when this problem reoccurs.  I am not even permitted to see promotions when I log out. It forces me to identify myself or pretend I am a new customer or moving. I should have access to change my account without having to jump through hoops to speak to a live person. I shouldn't have to go through the "let me restart your device" protocol EACH TIME I call requesting information on changing my plan for my own reasons.  I read the "read first" when you can't manage your account and the solution to my problem is not listed.  Does anyone know why you can't manage your account online without a customer service representative on the phone?

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