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Monday, June 13th, 2022 4:10 PM


Rule/Scene to bypass windows at night due to heat wave

Is there any automation to bypass certain windows at night due to heat wave but keep perimeter alarm active.
Looking for one step to enable this.


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2 years ago

@zrohit Hi there! Thanks for the post. Have you checked out this Communities post from last year? https://comca.st/39oZLMD


Lets us know if that helps at all. 

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this is not the question I am asking. I want to creat a rule that will do this, not have to bypass every time 

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@zrohit  We don't have a rule or scene that bypasses certain zones automatically. 

If you have multiple Zones you need to bypass, the easiest way to Arm might be to use your Touchscreen.  When you tap to begin the arming process, you should see a button under the large shield icon on the left to "Bypass all blocking zones" or "Bypass Open zones."  This will allow you to proceed with Arming without needing to uncheck each sensor individually.

See the third screenshot under the "Bypassing Zones" section of this article: https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/arm-disarm-system-from-touchscreen

I hope that helps!


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