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Sat, Dec 26, 2020 1:00 PM

MyQ Alerts - Not Working

Last year when I had the system installed, the MyQ notifications worked to tell me the garage doors were open with the XHS app via texts.


Sometime in the fall of this year, the alerts broke and I started complaining. After submitting 2 tier3 requests and deleting all my rules and all that stuff, the alerts magically started working but not correctly.


I have 2 garage doors. If I opened 1 garage door, it would send 3 texts. 1 to say door 1 was closed, then one to say it was open and one for the status of the second door. 


I found this to be annoying as can be so I complained again, and submitted another tier3 ticket. Alerts were never fixed, so I turned back on the MyQ APP alerts, which work perfectly.


To this day, no matter how many times I add the MyQ alerts back to my XHS app, I don't get any alerts X1, Text, Email, Push from the garage doors no matter how I set the rules.  I'm not the only one from what I see here.


I have other alerts set up for other events that are controlled by the system and they work like, texts when windows open, etc.


When is this MyQ issue getting fixed? I'm not getting what I paid for with this system. It doesn't have the ability to lock the doors when the alarm is activated, can't disarm the alarm if the door is unlocked with "Works with Xfinity" certified locks.  It can't set schedules or turn on/ off lights with automation rules like after 6 pm if I open the garage door, turn on the lights connected to the "Works with Xfinity" Lutron lighting controller.


Other systems work with more things and have better rules, may or may not have better monitoring. This stuff could be so much better and it isn't and doesn't even work fully with the things Comcast says, "works with Xfinity"


At least make the things you offer work.







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I have literally made this foist each year for the last four. If I wasn’t so stupid cheap with my other XFINITY services I would’ve been gone a long time ago

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