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When I create a rule to arm my alarm in the mornings every day after leaving out for work, 10-15 min later the alarm disarms itself. I kept wondering why when I got home the alarm would be off. After checking the activity log, it randomly disarms. The times aren't even consistent. I've reset the modem, called a technician out. Nothing works. What is the point. Back in July I created a rule to disarm the alarm at 5:00 am while on vacation so my pet sitters could come into the home. Setting this up was glitchy. It would never work setting the rule. The next day the rule went into affect. I've been wanting to remove this rule but it's not showing up in my list of automated rules. I delete the rule that sets the alarm every night and set another rule in hopes of the 5:00 disarm being canceled... Nope! Every morning before we even get up, the alarm keeps disarming itself. I have no way to cancel this action. What is the point in having security if it's going to disarm after being set? There is some kind of glitch in the programming. Please fix or I'll cancel this service!

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Thank you for reaching out @user_730a60 I am sorry to hear that rule is still active and disarming your security system. Have you checked out the link: https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/add-change-rules-mobile-app-secure to assist you with making changes to the rules?

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