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Sun, Apr 18, 2021 8:04 PM

Alarm Night mode bypass certain windows ?

With xfinity alarm automation: can I set night mode, with certain windows bypassed?

I want to automatically turn on/off alarm but bypass certain windows for fresh air.



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5 m ago

Hi @zrohit!

Yes, you can!  If you are using the Touchscreen, on the screen where you input your code to arm the system, you will see a "View Zones" option in the upper-right. Tap that and then tap the "Bypass" button for each of the windows you want to temporarily bypass.

If you are using the Xfinity Home Mobile app, prior to arming, first tap on the Security Sensors section of the Overview tab and select each Window you want to bypass and uncheck the box next to "Sensor is active" - and then proceed to arm the system as usual.

Note that these settings revert back after disarming your system, so this would need to be done each time.

I hope that helps!

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