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Monday, March 25th, 2024 3:51 PM

Add “And bypass certain zones” feature to alarm automation rule

I use an automation rule to turn my alarm on at night at a certain time. Unfortunately this rule fails if any of my windows are open, and in the spring and summer time I often leave my bedroom window open to cool the room and get fresh air. 

Id like to propose the addition of a “and bypass certain zones” feature to the turn-on automation rule that lets you pick the zones to bypass. This feature would behave much like the others (such as notify when a zone is opened) that gives you a laundry list of your zones to choose from. 

It’s much safer to arm the alarm with some zones bypassed then to not arm the alarm at all when I’m sleeping, so this is a safety increase in addition to usability. 

*Note that I want to keep this window as an active zone for “away” mode and also for winter season when it’s normally closed 

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4 months ago

Hello, @SiegeX this article on changing rules might be helpful to the modifications you want to make. We also offer a feedback form you can use to submit your idea for customized zones. 


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