Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 1:28 AM

Xfinity theft

When you order a s23 ultra before Christmas reliever your package and there is a phone case in the box not a phone . Go through hell with customer service jump through insane hoops to get a police report which btw is almost impossible for this matter!! They denied my claim even with the police repor. t .how does the package have the correct weight if the phone wasn't in it ? How can thousands of people be going thru similar ordeal ?? All I know is I'm not saying 2k for a phone I didn't receive and I promise promise promise I will take this to court to the fullest I have so much proof it's ridiculous. 

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3 months ago

Hi there, @user_ix63bj! Thanks for reaching out about the mobile device. We appreciate you taking the step of filing a police report over the device as that is the correct process. For security reasons, our team has limited access to help with Xfinity Mobile accounts. Have you tried calling or texting as well as the live chat with the Xfinity Mobile team already? 

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