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xfinity mobile

I am a subscriber to Xfinity Internet. My son is interested in joining Xfinity Mobile which requires having a subscription Xfinity service such as internet or TV, but he does not have any Xfinity services.

I'm trying to figure out what the best method would be to help him get Xfinity Mobile using my Xfinity Internet subscription.

Would I have to change ownership of my Internet account to his name so that he qualifies for Xfinity Mobile or is there a way to link my internet to his Xfinity Mobile service?

Aside from that I was also thinking of just signing up for the mobile service under my name and let him handle the account.

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7 months ago

Hey there, I love to see the crafty thinking! The easiest way to do that would be to have you open the account and then have the phone be your son's. We definitely don't advocate for mixing names of the account holder and user for responsibility purposes as in the event he stopped paying the bill, it would be in your name and make you responsible for it and hurt your credit as well so if that is a route you are thinking about going, just keep that in mind for worst case scenario.

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