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Xfinity mobile is terrible

I had offered a phone and started a plan because they promised me a certain number.   After getting the phone it turned out they couldn't give the number I needed/wanted so I returned the phone.   Not only did they charge me a restocking fee they continued to charge be for service I never had.   Never got assigned a number.   Not a second of air time used or a text sent.   When you call customer service you can't get anyone,  when you do it's a transfer game.  No matter how many calls or how many times you scream at these people they still continued to charge me.   They eventually gave me a credit that they used against past due service that I never used that was on going because every time I'm told the account was closed it wasn't.   Eventually I was sent to collections ...... F@&king COLLECTIONS for $3.  Save yourself,  run from these people.   I lost hundreds of dollars for nothing

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3 months ago

Hello @Keith71175 , We appreciate you taking time out of your day and want to ensure you’re able to get in touch with an awesome Xfinity Mobile expert to help get this resolved. Due to account security, our options with Xfinity Mobile accounts are very limited. We're unable to perform any device or account specific requests over this platform.

Have you tried calling or texting 888-936-4968, or reached out to our secure online chat at xfinity.com/xfinityassistant/?channel=xMobile where an Xfinity Mobile expert is available 24/7?

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