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Since switching to Xfinity Mobile, I've been plagued with constant data issues on my phone. I find myself spending more time on the phone with their agents than I do talking to my friends. Despite changing my package three times over the past year to try and resolve my data problems, nothing seems to work. Their automated system is a nightmare to navigate, taking forever to connect me to a live agent. I recently switched my package on March 28th, only to find that just three days later, I couldn't even use the internet anymore. Last night, I spent nearly two hours speaking with a customer support representative, which is absolutely insane. Every time I speak with a live agent, they seem to have a different story. I strongly believe they are intentionally messing with my data, though I have no idea why. Even after upgrading to their premium plan, I continue to face issues with my data the very next day. One Xfinity agent mentioned a problem with my optics and claimed to have fixed it, but the following day, I encountered the same data issues again. The inconsistent responses and temporary solutions provided by Xfinity are beyond frustrating. I've tried every plan they offer, and it's all the same frustrating experience. I've had enough and will be ending my Xfinity services very soon.

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@user_0y2k1m Could you explain exactly what these data issues you are experiencing? Might help to know the make/model of your phone as well. That way somebody here can assist you further.

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18 days ago

@user_0y2k1m  Thanks for sharing your experience. You can get a line with one Gig of data for $20 a month. It can go over, for $20 each Gig, but you can also get Unlimited for $40. So if you use anything over a Gig, it's great to choose the unlimited version of data. That will allow you to use social media and stream all the videos you want on the mobile network. Using the Wifi at home or Xfinity Hotspots won't use up mobile data. 

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