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Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 7:45 PM


Xfinity Mobile billing problem help needed--two weeks of frustration already!

I am unable to get a detailed billing statement for my recently ended Xfinity Mobile billing cycle.  Every time I try to access the statement that breaks down usage by user on my Xfinity Mobile account, I get the message "Something went wrong." 

I have tried it repeatedly over the past two weeks and always get the same result.

I have tried calling Xfinity's customer support twice and have spent over an hour on the phone with them.  They aren't able to access my detailed billing statement either.  On my call with them yesterday, they said they wanted to continue working on the problem but after about 30 minutes talking with them, they said they didn't want to make me stay on the phone with them and would call me back in an hour with an update.  I never received a callback.

I have also gone into a nearby Xfinity store and spent about 30 minutes talking with two employees there who also called their internal tech support when they couldn't access my detailed billing statement either.  They opened a support ticket (I have the number) and said to check back on it in a day or two.  Which I have, and the problem is continuing.

I need some help to get this billing mess straightened out.  Can someone help me?


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3 months ago

@user_g4eeqy To get more details you need to continue working with the Xfinity Mobile teams. If a front line agent such as the phone or store is not able to resolve a concern, have them escalate it as not resolved. Here on the forums we have access to residential accounts/services. The number is 1 (888) 936-4968 for Xfinity Mobile, but you can also chat sercurely at, where an Xfinity Mobile expert is available 24/7. 

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I have the same issue.  Unfortunately, it is billing page is still not working as of now.  Hope this gets escalated and fixed soon.  Client should not be the first one to see if there the billing page is broken on your website.  It should be the technical support.  Automated alarms should be set.

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@user_j4gg1u​ My billing statement access issue was finally fixed, but it took a lot of time and effort on the part of many people, including me.  I hope your problem got fixed, too.

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@user_g4eeqy Super glad to see you were able to get a resolution through the Xfinity Mobile team successfully! I know waiting or trying more than once is never a good time, but I'm glad your perseverance pulled the win. If you ever need any assistance with home services such as cable or internet, count on us here. We're experts on that, and will make it easy to get help.

I'll close the thread as resolved by the Xfinity Mobile team. 

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3 months ago

Im going to say it... Put on your patience Xfinity is the slowest group of employee's I've ever seen.  There is hope though. A problem I hade last year lasted 4mths Finally a lovely lady said WE ARE GOING TO FIX THIS PROBLEM. It was fixed and showed on my account page in 24hrs. Finally!

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