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Two different Xfinity representatives lied to me about adding a free line to my account

I had two Xfinity representatives on two different occasions lie To me about adding a free line to my existing account. I have been with Xfinity for 8 to 9 years and when going over my account one day the representative who said he worked there for 18 years, And had a last name of Martinez or Rodriguez.  I cannot remember. He said he could get me a free line added to my account if I switched my phone carrier to theirs. It sounded too good to be true but he swore up and down that I could add a line for free unlimited and if I wanted to add a second one, it would only be an additional $15. Being skeptical, and sounding too good to be true, I did not go through with it. I was very close, but decided to look into it farther and call Again and talk to a different Rep. The next, who is a woman I cannot remember her name told me the same thing. Yes, I could add an Unlimited phone line for free to my account. After confirming it with two different representatives, I decided it had to be true and maybe there was just better deals out and since I’ve been there so long, they were giving me a good deal! I ordered the Sim card. When it arrived. I waited till my next day off, which is Sunday I work six days a week, I decided to transfer from my T-Mobile account Whom I have been with for 9 to 10 years to Xfinity. Everything went as planned until the next morning. I checked my Xfinity app and seen that I was paying 45 and some change for this Unlimited phone line. I was outraged. I called, and after two hours of being on the phone and finally making my way up to a supervisor they are looking into the calls since they say every phone call is recorded to find the two calls where the representatives told me I could get the phone line added for free. I totally feel like I was tricked into Dropping T-Mobile and getting a line with Xfinity. The supervisor said there was nothing he could do for me until they looked through the phone calls, and That Could take up to two weeks. I asked the supervisor how often they are able to find recorded calls from customers and he said they usually Find The recorded calls. Although I feel like next time I hear from them they are just going to tell me that they could not find the recorded calls or they even mentioned something about those two representatives losing their job for lying to me. I don’t want anybody to lose their job, I just want what was promised to me from two different representatives at two different times. I would have never switched over to an Xfinity Phone line I thought it was free. Now I’m paying five dollars more a month. They Totally scammed me and lied to me. I honestly can’t Believe that they can get away with stuff like this! If this phone line does not get added for free, like promised, I will drop my Internet service from Xfinity and drop my phone service as well and never use them again. I will also recommend To anybody I meet Not to use Xfinity. 

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3 months ago

Sadly, I experienced almost the same.

I was abroad for quite a long time and asked to pay a minimum fee to keep my mobile numbers, telling them I would not use the number or the data for month.

Checking my bills I noticed that they billed me for month and month as if I would use this lines.

I reached out to xfinity and had an hour long call with an agent who promised me a refund.

He promised to get this done but nothing happens, again.

I will from now on only communicate via my gmail but I am deeply disappointed and feel neglected as a long time customer.

Nobody really cares and I am left alone with this problem.

If anybody has the email of the CEO, Mr Tom Karinshak, please tell me since I am sure that he doesn’t like this kind of


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Hello, @user_dbk6ew. This is definitely the type of experiencing we would like any one of our customers to have, especially when they're traveling abroad. I would be more than happy to review your account to see if I can find any information regarding this refund you were promised.


In order to get started, can you please send me a private message to Xfinity Support with your full name and full address by clicking the chat icon in the top right?

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3 months ago

I have repeated this on this forum so many times I'm a broken record... NEVER EVER EVER believe the customer service people! They shouldn't even be called that, they should be called what they really are... scammers & liars. The only legit offers are the ones on the website... but in this case it IS partially on the website. There is NO getting a 2nd line for 15 bucks, it's buy one line of Unlimited and get a 2nd line free. The only thing you're getting for 15 bucks is the By the Gig plan. You need to submit a dispute with Xfinity Mobile at https://www.xfinity.com/nod and file complaints with both the FCC and the BBB. Let them demand the recorded calls. 

And since I'm here passing out advice, I'm gonna repeat something else. While legitimate offers are online, don't order online unless you don't have a choice. Go to the store and buy your device because you can only return it to the store if you buy it there. If you buy something online and you want to return it, chances are high they'll say it's damaged when you do. 

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3 months ago

Thanks for posting on our community forums to let us know about your situation, @user_8xhqny. I sincerely apologize for what happened with the agents over the phone. This is not the experience we would like you to have. Did you hear back from the supervisor? 

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3 months ago

No I am waiting to hear back from them now, I’m am so upset with this I have considered contacting my lawyer and having him help get the recorded lines pulled! I truly feel like when I get the call from Xfinity they are going to give me some kind of excuse of why the phone calls can’t be found. If they do not honor what two separate employees told me, I will cancel everything I pay for through Xfinity since I have been a long time customer going on 1 years. I will find a different cell phone carrier and internet service and never give Xfinity another dime for the rest of my life. 

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3 months ago

Thanks for the update, @user_8xhqny. I understand your frustration. I would feel the same way. Since you are already working with our support team, we'll give them a chance to get back to you. However, I'd like to keep an eye on the situation to make sure the issue is fully resolved. Could you please send our team a Direct Message with your name and service address? Our team can take a further look and follow up on this.


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I had an agent on the phone tell me the same thing.  I also thought it was too good to be true and a week later, chatted with an agent online who said the same thing.  Basically, I could an unlimited line for free with my current plan.  Has there been a resolution to this?  I was just about to make the switch of my phone over to Xfinity so it'd be good to know if this was a complete lie.

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