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trade in issue help since Aug 2023

Like many many others, I am furious with Xfinity's (lack of) help on a trade in issue. Last August I bought 2 new phones, left Verizon, came to Xfinity mobile, traded in 2 phones, got one returned back due to AN EMPLOYEE ERROR IN PAPERWORK -- they provided a wrong model number so trade in was rejected. Can't even count the number of times I have called, waited, chatted, spent HOURS on the phone, listened to agents who said the claim would be escalated, went back to the store, was promised help from District Manager, etc etc etc.  I want to speak to someone who will help me with this.  NOW. THank you.

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Hello @user_tyfy4v Thank you for reaching out to us over our Forums for help with the mobile device trade in. I am sorry to hear of the steps you have had to take for help with the trade in and the ongoing trouble. We do not have direct access to assist with mobile issues at this time, however I can connect you with a team who should be able to help out. I received your direct message already, so I will reply to you there. We will do everything we can to help out, it might be limited, but we will try! 

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