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Thursday, February 1st, 2024 11:42 PM

The solution for my latest problem

I think I deleted the last post I made, but because you Xfinity guys like to see solutions, here goes. I bought my Xfinity mobile phone and had it activated Dec 12. I was told I would get a discount on my "residential" bill - cable TV, internet and landline - by getting the mobile phone with Xfinity. Then I noticed the residential bill, due Feb 15 was the same as always. I called last week to find out why this was and I never got an answer, I kept getting passed back and forth between the mobile phone dept. and the residential dept. basically being told by each "It's not my job." However, one employee did actually give me a ticket number. I called back today and had the luck of speaking to two helpful employees who gave me an answer. Turns out I had my residential service changed Aug. 23 of last year, when I discontinued one premium channel. Then I had the mobile phone activated Dec 12. Because 90 days had passed I was not eligible for the discount! Had I known this, I likely would have gotten the phone earlier. Had I gotten it within the 90 days, I would have gotten a $30 discount on my residential bill each month! So anyone reading this, keep that in mind. I had NO idea, every Xfinity employee I had talked to up until now had told me I WAS eligible for the discount, but apparently I was a month too late. Bummer, I pay enough as it is now.

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3 months ago

@ww8944 I am relieved to hear this has been resolved, although this isn't the experience we want any customer to have. This is definitely a learning opportunity for the company to grow from, so we can limit these kinds of mistakes. Let us know if you need any further assistance. 

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