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Screenshots for live tv on mobile app blacked out

I have an iPhone X. I tried to screenshot something on MSNBC this morning but the screenshot was blacked out. Every channel, same thing. Why is this? How do I change it? It’s pretty irritating.


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11 months ago

Hello, @user_9298e2! Thank you for bringing this quite unusual case to our attention. We'll definitely see what we can do to help! Couple of quick questions: 1.) You're speaking of using the Xfinity Stream App, correct? And 2.) Have you noticed blacked out screenshots when using any other apps on this particular device?

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XfinitySara.... still can't take Screenshot of Xfinity streaming shows.  Is Xfinity addressing this issue.  Screenshots did work previously.  

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Hello, how are you @user_exmzkt?I hope your day is going well! We'll need to take a closer look at the device you're using. Screenshots do not work on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and when using an Android phone. I recommend trying a PC or Apple mobile device if possible. Then give Mozilla Firefox a try. It has a built-in screenshot tool that will work for what you need. 

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