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ID Verification process is poorly designed and implemented

I ordered replacement phones online for my wife and I on our Xfinity Mobile account.  2 different order numbers, same account.  Then I get emails that say I have 72 hours to do a verification and when I click on the link, I get a text to click on another link that takes me to a 3rd party site on which I am to submit my government issued ID.  I guess entering DOB and SS# at time of the order wasn't enough.  

To make matters worse, the 3rd party site is named CATFISHID.  Nowhere is this site identified as being part of Xfinity.  Sure feel safe uploading my driver's license to a 3rd party I've never heard of and cannot contact if there is an issue.

So the email said to call their 844 number and do verification that way.  The CSR says they can't verify the order but you can do it at the store.  So I go to the store, they photograph my license and in an hour or 2 my order is confirmed.  My wife's phone was not, though on the same account.

Go back in the afternoon, photograph my wife's license and the next afternoon I get a note that the order is still not verified and I have to use the web process.  Go to the store and they tell me they can't verify the order or cancel the pending order and that I have to wait until it self cancels and then they can order it at the store.

This is a poor design.  Someone was too cheap or lazy to build a link between Xfinity and the verification service and decided it was better to just send a link and make the customer deal with an unknown 3rd party and to trust that party and the connection.  

I recommend a redesign that (1) uses 2FA within the Xfinity domain (2) consider the DOB and SS# at time of order entry sufficient (3) if ID is required then have the user uploaded it within the Xfinity domain instead of dealing with an unknown entity or (4) get a partner that has a decent name or that can be verified.  I for one do not trust a site called CATFISHID, especially because when you search on that, no such company appeared in the search results. 

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10 months ago

Good afternoon, @user_a61f41. I am sorry for the frustration caused when trying to upgrade both lines. We want things to be simple and easy. I totally understand that has been the opposite and offer my sincerest apologies. I will gladly submit this feedback on your behalf.

I looked for the Xfinity Mobile link to upload documents to check on that but was unable to see that in my systems. Sending something to a link with that name would make me uncomfortable as well. You can speak directly with the Xfinity Mobile Order Verification Team at 1-844-963-0011 to verify if that is the right link or if that is a phishing site. Our Customer Security Assurance Department, CSA, handles security for our company and looks into any possible threats if you want to alert them to this. They can be reached at 1-888-565-4329. 

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