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How come BOGO plan was not applied to my account after I switched to Xfinity mobile

Hello, Xfinity support expert.

When I renewed my internet plan, the agent persuaded me to switch to Xfinity mobile, too. 

She mentioned BOGO promotion to me multiple times over phone calls and I saw the BOGO(buy one line and get one line free) promotion in the Xfinity mobile website, too.

However, the first month bill was not applied with BOGO so I called and chatted for +15 hours to resolve the issue but got 2nd month bill without BOGO plan again. 

During another 3 hour call, the agent created a ticket [Edited: "Personal Information"]of  and told me it would take 10 days and promised to call me. Nothing happened and got 3rd month bill with the same issue. And I asked this forum with the ticket# and some one said the case is closed and asked me call or chat again. 

I need to understand why BOGO is not applied after I switched all three lines to Xfinity? Definitely BOGO was a good reason for me to switch to Xfinity mobile after using ATT for 15 years. After I switched to Xfinity, no promotion and no word from Xfinity is given to new customer. 

Please help, thanks. 

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3 months ago

Same exact thing happened to me. Very frustrated how the agent persuaded me to get this promotion when I had initially called for a promotion that dealt with my home internet. The only reason why I switched to Xfinity mobile was because the BOGO offer was a great deal, but it was false advertising as I have constantly have to keep calling them since November to try fixing the issue, yet nothing is fixed. They promise and even give me order numbers that have the BOGO offer applied, but NEVER actually show the credit. I continue to get charged twice the amount they told me. Their mobile service is bad and lie about how much they will charge. Do not switch to Xfinity mobile!



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3 months ago

I am also in the same boat. I switched from AT&T to Xfinity Mobile in-store, in 1st week of December 2023.

So lo' and behold, I did not see the $30 discount (off 1 starter line) on the 1st bill.

  • After that 1st bill came out, I called Xfinity support for Mobile billing help, to get it corrected, and they assured me over the phone it would be applied after the Next bill was released.  Discount did not happen.
  • After my 2nd month bill was released, I chatted with Xfinity agent "Sauna" for Mobile, and agent said:  "As I can see there is no promotion applied on the account I would request you visit to the same store so that they will check the promotion at there end and enroll that for you as the store as the different access."

Needless to say, but I'll say it: I was fuming; really frustrated...

  • I then chatted again with another agent Gnanavel, who then said:
    • "As I check in your account that you are applied for the BOGO offer which means that Buy One Unlimited Mobile Plan, Get One Line of Unlimited Intro Free."
    • You will be get BOGO credit offer in the next billing cycle of Feb 2 - Mar 1. I would like to inform you that please wait for the billing cycle of Feb 2 - Mar 1. I will mark a notes in your account that you will be get BOGO credit in you billing cycle for 12 months.
    • I have made the notes in your account that in the next billing you will be getting credit of $30 for the 12 months which was BOGO offer you have applied in your account.
    • As I made notes in you account that you will be get credit in the next billing cycle of Feb 2 - Mar 1.

Who knows what will come of this...

  • until the next billing cycle I guess?
  • Patiently await another 29 days until the next billing cycle to see if they applied my discount.

In meantime, I guess I can email text or call my store "specialist" who had set me up, as I do have his contact info!

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2 months ago

If you call enough times, Xfinity will respect your persistence and will apply 30 dollars as discount on each billing cycle. Basically, agent suggested me to call them 12 times (once every billing cycle) to get the 30 dollar credit for the line (Total 360 dollars).


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