Thursday, February 8th, 2024 6:05 AM

Getting overcharged for xfinity mobile every month by 10$

I took Mexico travel pass for a few days in July 2023 and then cancelled it. I have been getting charged 10$ for that every month including Jan 2024 from then. I have chatted with xfinity customer care agents 2 times before and asked to cancel them and refund the extra charge. I was told they would do that both times. But i am still getting charged. I am extremely frustrated. What are my other options. Any kind of help is appreciated.

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2 months ago


I appreciate you taking time out of your day and want to ensure you’re able to get in touch with an Xfinity Mobile expert to help get this resolved. Due to account security, our options with Xfinity Mobile accounts are very limited. We're unable to perform any device or account specific requests over this platform. Please reach out to our Xfinity Mobile team with the options below. 


Text Message: 1 (888) 936-4968
Phone: 1 (888) 936-4968
Chat: xfinity.com/xfinityassistant/?channel=xMobile

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