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Discount offered by agent was not applied to my account

I recently spoke with a representative over chat to lower my bill to match a competitor's deal at $55. I waited a billing period and the next bill showed as $120. I called on July 6th and spoke to a representative who told me that that chat never occurred and there was no promotion to match the offer.

Why was the agent able to promise a rate that was not offered?

Chat reference: 

Reference Number:763754218216329677
DATE/TIME:2024-06-12 19:18:11


Xfinity: 👋 Hi! I’m a live agent. Can I answer any questions?
You: Starry is offering 55$ a month for the same with the model included, do you offer a service match?
You: same service with modem included*
Xfinity: Thank you for your interest in Xfinity! I hope you're doing well.

Hi this is Sandra, I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Xfinity: Ok so currently your seeing at offer for $55 with equipment
Xfinity: Can you kindly provide me you full service address to see if the offer is available for you.
Xfinity: Thank you for the information, just allow me a moment to take a look into this for you.
Xfinity: Does the address have a apartment number ?
Xfinity: Thank you.
Xfinity: Ok so i do see here that currently your you have our 500mbps.
Xfinity: Your able to upgraded to our 1000mbps and get some savings.
Xfinity: Can you kindly login to your account
You: I think I am logged in
You: Ah I'm silly. Yes. I'm logged in
Xfinity: Great so on the page that you currently are do you see a option for Customize plan ?
You: yup
Xfinity: Kindly click on it.
You: ok
You: do i go under deals or change the speed?
Xfinity: Kindly click on Change speed.
You: then customize and explore?
Xfinity: Yes
Xfinity: Then kindly click on Internet.
You: ok, I dont see 1000mbps being cheaper than what I currently have
Xfinity: Currently you have our 500mbps and your paying $120.
Xfinity: Can you kindly click on the 1000mbps.
You: ok
You: added to my cart
Xfinity: Kindly click on Next so the price that your seeing is just an estimate price.
Xfinity: Ok so now your on the modem page
You: yup
Xfinity: Kindly scroll down and check the last box.
Xfinity: Just to clarify you would not be changing your modem.
You: ok
You: then next?
Xfinity: Yes
You: now on the subscription page, click next again?
Xfinity: Yes kindly click on next.
Xfinity: Ok so now your on the review page kindly scroll down to see the price.
You: On the checkout screen, do I need to enter something else to bring the price down to the 55$ offer from starry?
You: its still showing 105
Xfinity: No you don't need to enter anything else, you can go ahead and submit your order, the new price would be reflecting on your next billing cycle.
You: The new price of 55$ correct? Not the 105 that is currently showing? I'm just going to switch services if the prices aren't comparable
Xfinity: Yes that's correct and i understand.
You: Awesome thanks!
You: Order is submitted
Xfinity: Great i do see here that your order was able to go through, so in about 5 minutes the new speed would reflect
Xfinity: The new price would reflect on your upcoming bill.
You: Thank you so much!
Xfinity: Sure your more than welcomed.
Xfinity: Thank you for visiting Xfinity today. We are looking forward to you visiting us again soon.

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user_aurcuy Hello, I am happy to be of assistance. Can you please send us a DM. You can start by clicking the chat icon located in the top right corner of your forums' page when signed in. Once there, you can direct your messages to "Xfinity Support." Please add your full name and service address to help us locate your account. Let me know if you have any questions. 


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14 days ago

Sounds like a lawsuit this to be honest, I've not yet had my billing but I was given a truly good deal, I'm now waiting to see if its going to happen or if its just a fad/false advertising or misleading someone into an agreement. 

Either way, I'd be threatening some contract lawsuit regardless if its month by month its still an agreed amount per month for a period of time.

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