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Saturday, March 18th, 2023 1:07 PM


Can't connect to Xfinity Secure Hostspots

Recently switched to Xfinity mobile and trying to connect to secure Xfinity Hotspot. I have 3 lines, two Google Pixel 6a s and one Pixel 6 Pro, all updated. 6a s are Xfinity mobile locked, and 6 pro is BYOD. Both 6a s connect to Xfinity Secure hotspots without even downloading the hotspot app.

I can't connect to the secure hotspots using 6 pro. The Hotspot app tells me, "Wifi profile Management has been disabled." I was on the phone with one of the Xfinity advanced tech support team members and ended up without a solution. 

I really need a solution to this issue. I know I can call Xfinity Mobile Expert for help, but the last time two times I tried they ended giving up. The last thing they said was "we did a advanced system reset from our end which will take about an hour to take affect. Please restart your phone after an hour and try to connect to a hotspot. If the problem persists, call us." I want to believe they didn't ditch me, but......

Anything that can be done to set this up? I know the issue is due to the unavailability of the certificate. Is there a place I can get the certificate to set up Wifi hotspot manually?


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1 year ago

Hi, @manjulapra. Thank you for reaching out and creating a new post. We can help you here with residential services like Home Phone, Internet, and Cable. For secuirty purposes, are limited with specific information for your mobile account/devices to be upfront, but we can try our best to troubleshoot the Hotspot Access. Are you manually connecting, or do you have the Hotspot App installed? Are you having this issue with the Hotspot within your home, or any hotspot you try to connect to? 

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@XfinityVianney​ Thanks. I am trying to connect with the HotSpot app installed. As I have clarified in my post above, the hotspot app tells me, "Wifi Profile Management has been disabled."

I tried to connect to various hotspots: public ones and even the one broadcasted by my home device. My phone can't connect to any!

That's when I tried to connect manually, but I couldn't configure that without the certificate. 

As I said, the advanced technical team ended up without a solution after an hour on the phone. Maybe this is not the place to solve this, as most discussions relating to this don't seem to end with a solution. 

But I am exhausted from trying! :-(

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I can imagine your frustration. I would suggest reaching out to our mobile team again. We do have a chat option here: This can save you a phone call, and hopefully have better results!

I no longer work for Comcast.

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11 months ago

I will keep updating my issue so somebody who has the same problem can understand what options they have in terms of resolution. I had two lengthy discussions with the "advanced" team, and both team members promised to call me back after the issues resolve after 24 hours. It has been more than two weeks, and I haven't heard back from them. My issue has not changed either. I still can't connect to the secure Xfinity Wifi Hotspots. 

I will continue calling customer support occasionally and sharing updates here. Right now my understanding is that Xfinity support doesn't have a clue about how to resolve this issue. 

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