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Blatant Lies and Beyond RUDE Supervisor

I am absolutely disgusted! My husband and I recently had Xfinity internet and mobile services. Internet first and then we added the mobile. We moved to a new address (just across town-still in the same city). We were told that they didn’t offer internet at the new location. This was no fault of our own but we were told that because of this we would have to pay an additional $50.00 a month for our mobile services because the internet and mobile were a bundle. This was something that was never explained when we added the mobile services but we didn’t argue the additional charges. We paid these on top of our monthly bill every month for almost a year. Finally, I was due to upgrade my phone and when I went to do so I was told that without their internet services I couldn’t upgrade. (Internet that I didn’t have because THEY didn’t offer it at our new address!!) The only way I could get a new phone was to buy it outright. I’d had enough at this point. So, we paid off our phones and ported our numbers to a new carrier (T-mobile, and they have been a breath of fresh air after dealing with Xfinity!!). We tried to stop the last automatic payment from coming out but of course Xfinity took it anyway. We called customer service and explained our long, unique story and dissatisfaction and after an hour long conversation with the agent, were told that a credit/refund would be issued in the full amount of our last bill. Totaling $148.82. We waited a couple of days and hadn’t received the credit. We called again. We were then told the payment was pending and that we would see it in 24 hours. No such luck. We called a third time a couple of days later and were ASSURED that it would be credited to our bank account in no more than 48 hours. Finally, we called a fourth time. We asked for a supervisor. At this point we were both upset but tried to stay as understanding and cooperative with the situation as possible. However, the supervisor got on the phone and words CANNOT express how RUDE and aggressive he was. He flat out told us we had been lied to. I was floored. He proceeded to tell us that we weren’t receiving anything at all. Credit or refund of any kind. He offered no other solution or apology. He refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing. He interrupted me and talked over me. Said his job was not to be sympathetic or understanding to the situation- and that I couldn’t speak to anyone other than him. When I repeated his name to make sure I had it correctly- he very condescendingly said “yep, [edited:PII]” to spell it out for me…. Someone needs to review these phone calls and hold someone accountable. ESPECIALLY the call with the supervisor in the mobile department named Omar. The way we have been treated and lied to is absolutely disgusting! 
Let me just add that when I called back to find out how I could file a complaint, I was asked to provide an email where they could send a link. That agent said I should receive the email with the link in 1-2 minutes… Of course, I never received an email of any kind. 

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user_giyemh Thank you so much for your post on your experience with Xfinity mobile. This is not the experience we want any customer to have when trying to get assistance with an issue/adjustment. We can make sure to pass along the feedback from your interaction. As for the internet services and the billing with Xfinity mobile, we are very upfront with that information and you can even find it on our FAQ page here: https://www.xfinity.com/mobile/support/article/xfinity-service-cancellation-details

I apologize for any confusion regarding the Xfinity mobile services and their use after you discontinued your internet services. As for the adjustment if they were promised we can help get that looked into more for you if you would like. We're not able to access your Xfinity Mobile account here but our Xfinity Mobile Team are experts at what they do and I know they can get this resolved for you. If you could send our team a direct message with your full name, the name listed on the account (if different), and the service address associated with your account, I'd be more than happy to look into this for you. To send a Direct Message, please click on the chat icon in the top-right corner of the screen, next to the bell icon, and then type or select "Xfinity Support" to initiate a direct message.



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I have sent a direct message but cannot say that I have much faith at this point that your team will be very helpful. However, in response to your previous message I am not disputing your policies or what is shown on your website. I expressed that this information was not explained to us when we added our mobile services. We most likely would not have moved forward with the Mobile account if someone had done so. Regardless, as I stated above, we didn’t argue the charges and continued to pay the fees for almost a year. As for the repeated “promise” of the credit/refund and assurances of a pending credit/refund, I would absolutely appreciate it being looked into and resolved. That’s all I have wanted since my first phone call on March 24th. And I would like to believe I have been more than patient and understanding throughout this entire process….

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